Sound Bath Journey
Wed 3.29 6-7PM

Come on out and relax and let go through this Sound Bath Journey Experience. Brooke will play instruments over and around everyone. Her intention is to create a space that is safe, nurturing to release and surrender into a deep state of being, invoking peace and well being through this event. The journey will be begin with a guided meditation, easing everyone into a receptive yin mode. Everyone will be invited to lay down during this experience . Please bring an eye covering and blankets and yoga mat / something comfy to lay on. Some blankets and bolsters are at the studio to borrow as well.
Instruments played are :Crystals Singing Bowls, Drum, Rattles, 4 Elemental Koshi Bells, Tongue Drum, Tibetan Singing Bowl, Rainstick and more.

Self care investment of $35*

*5 participant minimum for this workshop. If you sign up for this workshop and the minimum registration is not met, you will be refunded.