Sound Bath with Brooke

Wednesday June 21 from 6:00-7:00 pm

Come on out to relax and let go through this Sound Bath experience. Brooke will play instruments over and around everyone. Her intention is to create a safe, healing, nurturing space to release, let go, surrender & invoke peace.

Beginning with a Meditation & simple breath guidance to ease everyone into their bodies & to create a receptive yin mode. Moving then into the instruments being played. Ending with Brooke Chanting Mantras in Sanskrit. Everyone will be invited to lay down during or in any comfortable position.

Please bring an eye covering, anything comfy to lay on & a blanket. If needed ~ blankets, bolsters & mats are at the studio to borrow as well.

Instruments played are :

Crystals Singing Bowls, Hand Drum, Rattles, Four Elemental Koshi Chimes, Tongue Drum, Ocean Drum, Tibetan Singing Bowl, Rainsticks and more.

Self care investment of $35